Since 1982, Sunrider International has helped people around the world improve their lifestyle and well-being. We are a global business, operating in nearly 50 countries and regions with 7000 Sunrider Authorised Stores in China and the rest of Asia. we partner with thousands of entrepreneurs to offer to offer exceptional wellness products. Quality and safety are our top priorities. Thus, we research, develop, and manufacture over 415 products in our state-of-the-art facilities, which span 186,000 square meters. As a family owned business,we take great pride in offering valuable products and helping people make exciting changes to their fortunes, their appearance, and their well-being.


Sunrider’s founder, Dr Tei Fu Chen is one of the world’s leading innovators in plant based products. His inspired genius synergies 5,000 year of herbal studies with modern technology. Together with his wife , Dr Oi-Lin Chen (MD), they lead a team of scientists and oversee the complex production of Sunrider products. Drs. Chen have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to control the entire process from concept to research and development to finish products rather than entrust our products to outside vendors. They spend many months and years, evaluating, experimenting, and fine-tuning Sunrider’s original formulas.


For 30 years Sunrider has advance d the use of plants to nourish and cleanse our bodies. We offer a wide range of beneficial products: herbal foods and beverages, nutritional supplements. sports and weight management products, skin care, personal care, oral care, and home care solutions.

At first glance, Sunrider products may resemble conventional products in the market place. But, once you experience them, you’ll quickly understand the loyal following our products inspire. All Sunrider products are based on the philosophy of regeneration. This unique philosophy ensures that every product is a “jewel” of the highest quality.


The philosophy of Regeneration is the blueprint for each Sunrider product.this philosophy makes an incredible difference in our product concept, function, and quality. For example, think of a house and a bridge. They use the same basic building material – stone, concrete, steel, brick, and wood – yet they are completely different in form and function. Their blueprint are the reason for the vast difference.

Other companies may use the same ingredients as Sunrider, but their products cannot compare to Sunrider products because of their different product “blueprint”.

We aim to make a difference by improving your well being