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Reported benefits from therapists and practitioners are that the Reviber Bodywavecan help to: Relieve back pain and muscle tension Relieve stress Prevent tension headaches Product features include: Gradual start feature Digital timer Foam padded ankle…

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Reported benefits from therapists and practitioners are that the Reviber Bodywavecan help to:

  • Relieve back pain and muscle tension
  • Relieve stress
  • Prevent tension headaches

Product features include:

  • Gradual start feature
  • Digital timer
  • Foam padded ankle cradle
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Can be used on any carpet, flooring or massage table

This product is now available with variable speeds and more information on this option is at the bottom of this page.

The Bodywave has a foam padded ankle cradle, digital timer and a gradual start feature, and the result is that the Bodywave is an effective and comfortable piece of therapeutic equipment that is ideal for use in the home or therapy centre.

The product is used by osteopaths, physiotherapists, multiple sclerosis therapy centres, health centres and is highly recommended as a fantastic tool for improving your health and you can view customer testimonies by clicking here.
What the Bodywave does

The Bodywave produces a motion through the recumbent body, similar to a swimming fish, which relieves compression from between the vertebrae and alleviates stress and tension on the spinal column. Elevating the feet is also a proven technique for relieving the symptoms of painful ailments such as fluid retention and varicose veins.Just relax, put your feet up, and let the unique wave-like motion gently relax your body – use it for 5 to 10 minutes whenever you feel the need.Relax, Put your Feet Up!


For active people, the gentle stimulation of the Bodywave is soothing and relaxing; whereas very inactive people often find the Bodywave stimulates the body.  By using the Bodywave health professionals also report that it greatly improves the effectiveness of their treatments.

Back Pain and Postural Problems

If it is back pain that you want to alleviate then the Bodywave can be fantastic, please take the time to read the testimonials because they will underline just how much this product can help.For normal use your arms should lie at the side of your body with your hands and fingers in a relaxed position.  This position helps to relieve pain in the lumbar area of your back (lower back).You can put your arms in different positions to concentrate the effects on specific areas of your back.  For aiding the relief of tension in the neck and surrounding muscles you can move your arms back so your fingers slightly touch the back of your head.  For aiding relief from deltoid and trapezius muscle pain, (upper back), and thoracic region, (middle of the back), you can extend your arms behind the head.

Using the Bodywave is simple, you lie down with your feet in the foam padded cradle and then set the digital timer for the desired length of time, which will start the session.  For your comfort the Bodywave has an automatic gradual start feature that increases the speed over a period of 10 seconds until it reaches full running speed.  Relax, clear your mind and you will feel your whole body rock from side-to-side as if you are being massaged all over; the more you relax the greater the sensation. The results of this non-impact movement are excellent.  

Customer Testimonials
This little machine is one of the best things I have ever spent my money on. I have had it five days and been using it everyday – I love the experience of using it in itself – but in addition my skin has cleared up and I have lost 2 pounds in weight as my digestion process has speeded up and I am no longer suffering from the chronic constipation which plagues me. People have commented on my skin and I feel so happy and energised since using it. Jay. (full name provided).I have been using the Reviber Bodywave for 5 months. As a suffer of multiple sclerosis I find it supports the other hands on therapies I have extremely well. It helps to alleviate the tension and tightness in my legs. It has improved my circulation and constipation and I have found it particularly helpful in alleviating the spasm I experience in my lower limbs if I use the machine just before I go to bed. I find the machine easy to operate and look forward to half an hour of ‘me time’ every day as I use the machine twice a day for the maximum permitted amount of time. Joanne HammerselyAs a busy osteopath I find the Reviber Bodywave fantastic on a number of levels. It is extremely popular not just amongst the patients but also my members of staff and indeed my family.  P. Brown  Bsc (Ost), OsteopathThank you so much for sending me the Bodywave which arrived amazingly fast today.  You must have lots of people telling you how wonderful it is – I can’t believe how many things, from dodgy backs to sinuses, it fixes.  In fact two of my friends got one for Christmas on the strength of what it was doing for me.  Now please could you develop a lightweight solar powered/windup model for wild camper-ing  expeditions, so that I’m never without it!   J. Hunter.

I bought this machine on the advice of a fellow practitioner, it is in daily use, and the benefits are very noticeable to me and all my patients with feedback like: Higher energy levels, more relaxed, movement in spinal stiffness, neck/shoulder release, peristalsis movement, digestive benefits, the weight lifting off their mental/emotional problems.  J. Newman, Naturopathic Healthcare Practitioner.

After having 2 children the veins at the back of my left leg, above & below the knee, became varicose & prominent. At the time they gave me no pain but more recently an irritation developed in these veins. Since using your Bodywave regularly the swelling has become considerably less noticeable & the pain has gone. I now no longer have to hide away in trousers as I have the confidence to wear dresses & skirts again.  Mrs Croft, Blackpool.
I love this machine! It cured my lethargy and stress related symptoms after only a few goes on it. Also i noticed after a couple of weeks use, my weight around my middle decreased considerably, apparently the machine gets rid of water retention not to mention a lot of other benefits too. i would recommend this to anyone who has a spare 20 minutes a day to lie down and use it!   A. Nagel

I can’t believe the difference this machine has made to me. I have a number of health problems including fibromyalgia, which causes chronic fatigue, asthma, diverticular disease, extensive osteoarthritis and hemi-plegic migraine. I also have chronic lung problems making breathing difficult. As you can imagine exercise was out of the question. I specifically searched for a passive exerciser. I wish I had found this machine 20 years ago. Within days my energy levels were raised. Now after 4 weeks I am much more supple and can walk and move better than I have ever been able to for years. My depression is much much better, obviously because now my body is being exercised and I feel more motivated. My bowel problem and breathing is much improved too. Many friends have tried my machine and are very impressed, a few are eager to buy, mainly because they can see the massive change in me. Linda. (full name provided)
To read many more write-ups and testimonals from the press, customers, therapists and practitioners then please click here.

The Bodywave can be used by men and women of all ages providing you do not suffer from serious heart disease, epilepsy, have a pacemaker fitted, or are pregnant.

For increased energy levels, to relieve stress, to relax your body, and to find out what the Reviber Bodywave can do for you, order one today.


  • 20 seconds gradual warm up feature
  • NEW FEATURE –  20 seconds gradual slow down feature
  • Guarantee is 5 years on the motor and 2 years on parts.
  • Speed:  135 oscillations per minute
  • Heavy Duty DC motor
  • Weight: Boxed 7kg, Unboxed 6kg
  • Material: High Impact Resistant A.B.S
  • Power Consumption: 0.3amp 50W
  • Voltage/Frequency:  220 – 240 Volts/50hz
  • Boxed 25(l) x 41.5(w) x 35cm(h)
  • Unboxed  30.5(l) x 36.6(w) x 25.4cm(h)


The Reviber Bodywave Pro’s specifications are the same as those of the single speed machine but with the addition of variable speeds.  There are 20 speed increments within a range of 90 to 150 oscillations per minute.


Reviber Bodywave Pro £169.99

This new product has been specifically requested by osteopaths and physiotherapists who want to fine-tune their treatments.

Unlike the £139.99 single-speed Bodywave, the Pro version of the Bodywave has 20 speeds to choose from. The Pro version inherits all of the great features of the standard model, such as the padded ankle rest, digital timer and the automatic 20 second gradual start & 20 gradual slow down features.

The single speed of the regular Bodywave is equivalent to speed 14 of this new variable speed Bodywave Pro.  The Bodywave Pro therefore has 6 faster speeds and 13 slower speeds than the standard model. We have found that people that suffer from motion sickness, back pain, mobility problems and the elderly enjoy the option of the slower speeds, especially to begin with.

If you would like to receive the Bodywave Pro, please select the option below.


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